Portland Global Initiatives (PGI) is a registered nonprofit with a mission to increase local awareness about global water issues and lead the way in sustainably addressing both the issues and the need. In addition to creating and presenting educational programming for local elementary and middle school classes, PGI holds annual fundraising events to support global water projects. Each year an event is held in honor of  UN World Water Day. The board formed in 2010 and gained their 501 (c) 3 status in January of 2011.

We all know the essential building blocks of life: food, shelter, clothing, and water. For the most part in Portland these essentials are easilly accesible – but for many in developing countries that simply isn’t the case. All around the world people, mostly young girls, walk miles each day to secure their families’ daily water supply.

Nearly one billion people around the world do not have access to clean drinking water and 2.6 billion lack basic sanitation. For Delia, a mother in Honduras, this means a three-mile walk each way to the nearest clean water source. This doesn’t sound like such a difficult task, but the three-mile walk back with a full bucket of water for her family is a true test of endurance. Not only is this an arduous task, but it is time away from education, family, and other pursuits that would help Delia rise to her true potential, thus further maintaining the cycle of poverty.

Portland Global Initiatives is comprised of individuals, groups, and companies with a common belief that everyone has a right to the basic necessities: food, shelter, and clean water!

We recognize that together we can help bring about meaningful change in parts of the globe that have substantial barriers to everyday living. We can eliminate obstacles that take time away from family, education, and other pursuits that will help break the cycle of poverty.

To help accomplish our mission we produce educational programming that is presented to middle and elementary students throughout the region. We also feature volunteer led events each year to raise funds for water projects throughout the developing world.


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